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bad timing
regular nights of experimental, electronics,
radiophonics, diy, lofi, noise
weird pop, randomness ...

experiments and inventions from the underground since 2001
in cambridge, uk

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news: 25/1/14

monomania After some very long-term planning we are pleased to announce that monomania bad timing's one-day festival of obsessive solo performers and obsolete technology is happening this year. The cross-arts festival will take place on Saturday 8th March 2014 at Aid & Abet and Cambridge Junction as well as the route between them. Early bird tickets available now at £13 until the end of January. No booking fee if booked in person at the Junction.

Confirmed events:
monomania: a one-day festival of solitary and obsessive creative experience
music / live art / installation / sound
workshops, screening and zine stalls http://www.monomaniafestival.co.uk

9/4/14 Flower-Corsano Duo + Ashley Paul, Unitarian Church

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volcano the bear


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bad timing and we like wildlife present
gary war

The Portland
129 Chesterton Road
Price: £5 adv/£6 door
Times: 8:30-11:00
Advance tickets:
> www.wegottickets.com
> flyer

Gary War makes a welcome return to Bad Timing after previously playing in support to Ariel Pink and as part of Panda Bear's band. Recently returning to releasing in 2008-9 he has put out two full-length releases 'New Raytheonport' and 'Horribles Parade' as well as cassettes and 7"s on labels including SHDWPLY, Sacred Bones Records and Captured Tracks.

'It's about as close as pop could possibly get to Noise without losing it's pop-ness altogether. Imagine taking a slice of early 1980s psychedelic pop, say, Arthur Brown's criminally underrated 1982 album 'Requiem', slapping it on the turntable and lowering the needle. Now apply a blowtorch to it, one of those little ones they use to crisp up creme brulees. When the grooves are getting gooey, just beginning to melt together and stick to the needle, but while there's still traces of music there, just before the sound dissolves into a cacophonic blur -- that's Gary War's album.

That's not to say War -- who's currently based in New York, and plays all the instruments on the album -- doesn’t have hooks and choruses. He has a super-abundance of them ... Sometimes there are several choruses per song -- on "Highspeed Drift", at least two, on "Costumes" there are one, two, three, or four, depending how you look at it. War tears down the fences between verse, chorus, bridge and solo and lets the categories flood into each other. The more you listen, the weirder things get. There are songs that aren’t single songs but more like several melted together, and songs that never quite become whole, frozen in a perpetual becoming.' The Wire, October 2009

> www.myspace.com/garywargarywar
> www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRtMtupMsvw 'Highspeed Drift'

les adventures sous la mer

MFU and Jellica play lo-fi new wave pop songs. Previously seen freaking out the Freaky Flicks audience in the Arts Picturehouse bar in Cambridge. For fans of John Maus, Jacques Cousteau.

> Video: 'Joyce' @ youtube
> Video: 'Deep Sea Crystal Caves' @ youtube
> www.manfromuranus.com

(gagarin, strange lights, tripel)

Based in Cambridge, UM has written at least 2000 songs as well as playing across Europe, including tours with Felix Kubin. 'like a one-man boombox version of The Residents ... like a quiet idea-storm: a procession of thoughts, camera-angles, memories, rambles, rumbles, micro-anthems, marching songs, drinking games, broken raps, Pop-monologues, miniatures, chamberwerks, salon songs, an orchestra of shed.' kidshirt.blogspot.com 'Junk shop electronica from a one man mind mental, there's some seriously barmy, disjointed vibes bouncing around in these bendy but catchy grooves. John Callahan, early Baby Bird, Wevie Stonder, Felix Kubin & Manchester's wonderful Superqueens are handy reference points.' Norman Records

> www.umbusiness.co.uk
> www.myspace.com/peteum

Note: Unfortunately, due to weather and transport issues, Corey Orbison will not be able to play. We will be arranging for them to play for us hopefully later in the year.