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bad timing
regular nights of experimental, electronics,
radiophonics, diy, lofi, noise
weird pop, randomness ...

experiments and inventions from the underground since 2001
in cambridge, uk

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news: 25/1/14

monomania After some very long-term planning we are pleased to announce that monomania bad timing's one-day festival of obsessive solo performers and obsolete technology is happening this year. The cross-arts festival will take place on Saturday 8th March 2014 at Aid & Abet and Cambridge Junction as well as the route between them. Early bird tickets available now at £13 until the end of January. No booking fee if booked in person at the Junction.

Confirmed events:
monomania: a one-day festival of solitary and obsessive creative experience
music / live art / installation / sound
workshops, screening and zine stalls http://www.monomaniafestival.co.uk

9/4/14 Flower-Corsano Duo + Ashley Paul, Unitarian Church

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self assembly: pete um
r stevie moore
bad timing presents

'forever under construction'

'art as a full time hobby' closing party
aid & abet
station road
(entrance in cambridge station car park between cityroomz hotel and station cycles)

>> location map

times: 7:30-10:30
tickets: £4

Bringing our current collaboration and residency with Aid & Abet to a close, Forever Under Construction is the first full gig at the space. As the closing event of the Art As A Full Time Hobby show, the event celebrates DIY making of music, arts and film.

The event starts with some special performances within Bad Timing's nano-venue Self Assembly, including a site-specific sound art work by Babygrand and a performance by C Joynes, which conclude its current residence within the space at Aid & Abet for which it was created.

During the evening we move to the large main space for live sets from The Doozer, Pete UM and Jellica and live visuals from possible area audiovisual (as seen at Bad Timing).

In a reverse of the usual idea of a private view, this closing night is also a chance to see all the work which has been made on-site during the show by Alex Pearl, Annabel Dover and Gareth Bayliss, as well the gallery presentation and many zines, records and objects on sale from Martyn Cross, Craig Atkinson and Hamilton Yarns/Birdboy as well as Permament Bookshop and Cafe Royal Bookshop. Bad Timing and related merchandise will also be on sale.

at aid & abet

the doozer

(siltbreeze, pickled egg)

"The Doozer makes angular bedroom psych-pop from guitar, keyboards and drum machines. He insists that he 'builds' music, and it's an apposite word. Sheet Music has a lovely constructed precision underlying its surface awkwardness, with a gift for finding chords or sour melodic twists that initially sound wrong, but turn out right. His counter-intuitive logic and oblique associations put him in a lineage connecting The Incredible String Band, Kevin Ayers and Billy Childish, but most of all another Cambridge alumnus, Syd Barrett. The Doozer has a voice of his own, though, and the quavers and quirks of songs like 'Dogwalking' and 'Burn the Tape' lodge themselves in the brain with strange persistence." --Sam Davies, The Wire

pete um

(gagarin records, strange lights, tripel)

Lo-fi electronic songs, neurotic and quixotic charity-shop funk, highly personal stereo.

Based in Cambridge, UM has written over 2000 songs (featured in Self Assembly) as well as playing across Europe, including tours with Felix Kubin and sharing stages with the likes of Ariel Pink, Panda Bear and The Magic Band in Cambridge.

'like a one-man boombox version of The Residents ... like a quiet idea-storm: a procession of thoughts, camera-angles, memories, rambles, rumbles, micro-anthems, marching songs, drinking games, broken raps, Pop-monologues, miniatures, chamberwerks, salon songs, an orchestra of shed.' kidshirt.blogspot.com


8-bit lofi chip-punk pop on Gameboys, Amigas, Commodore 64s and 80s keyboards. Jellica also collaborates with Man From Uranus as Les Aventures Sous La Mer and plays at chiptune events around the world.

at self assembly

c joynes

Cambridge-based acoustic guitarist C Joynes uses a heavy thumb-led finger-picking technique that harks back to traditional country-blues and early ragtime, however, he uses this technique to explore alternative melodic traditions: the English folk-tune; North and West African music; elements of classical Indian music; proto-minimalist and impressionist music.


"Babygrand is the sound of contact mics, musical saws, bowed metal, music boxes, mechanical birds, endless loops.

Babygrand is field recordings, assemblages, insect noises, rain on glass, sound-based textures"

For today's event the Norwich-based duo of Holly Rumble and John Boursnell will be performing a short site-specific sound art piece created for Self Assembly.


Solo performance using Nintendo Wiimotes to play live computer-generated music from half of the Cambridge-Berlin-based duo Ostenderstrasse.

Plus Local Radio and other artists in Self Assembly during the late afternoon.